Tables Rondes Algerie

Consulting and project management company with international scope, for emerging markets such as Africa.
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The Client

Tables Rondes Algerie is a website presenting projects managed by Pitch World Fast. They debate about hot topics around the Africa content such as health, economy, agriculture, in order to educate, consult and improve the current situations in these fields.

The Goal

The website was with a plain design, not secure enough and hard to navigate. The company needed transparent, corporate approach, which is easy to manage, and access all parts of website in order to enhance their presence. Since this is an international company, the client needed the website to be in English and French language.


Home page workflow

This section describes how the company works, their mission and all services they provide for their clients.
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Webinar conclusion page

The client makes a presentation of conclusions after every webinar held, including the audience present as well as the expert speakers on the topic.
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